Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Help Spread the Word!

Today is a day that an organization has set aside to bring about awareness to the r-word. (retard or retarded) A group of people decided that they had heard enough of this condescending word, and got together to get the word out! Four and a half years ago, I probably wouldn't have even noticed that this day was going on. But, 4 1/2 years ago I was given a reason to notice.....That reason is Gavin.

I have never thought this word was appropriate, but now it sounds so very offensive to my ears! I see this word on Facebook. I hear it on T.V. And, I've even had people use it around me since Gavin has been born.

You may be thinking that this is just a word. But, when you love someone who has mental retardation, this word cuts straight to the heart!

Gavin can't help that he was born with this condition. And, Gavin can't change the fact that he had a massive stroke, which has left him with significant brain damage.

And, think about this:

Any of you could have a sibling or friend with this condition. If fact, any of you could become mentally retarded on your way home tomorrow, due to a car accident! How would this make you feel? Would you want people to say this word around you?!

If love could cure Gavin of this condition, he would have the smartest and fastest working brain around! He is loved without measure! And, just so you know....he has 3 older brothers who would protect him at all costs! So, watch out! :) They may fight and argue with each other, but Gavin is off limits! Some days I worry about the sensitivity that my older boys have for others, but then I see how they interact with Gavin, and my mind and heart are put to rest. Jacob has set others straight concerning the r-word, and this truly makes me proud!

Here is a video of a sister who loves her brother very much! She is helping to stand up for him and others, like Gavin. And, I know that my boys would do the same for Gavin! Won't you stand up and join the fight for Gavin, and others like him as well?

(Pause music on sidebar of this blog to hear video)

Also, if you ask me, I usually consider people who use the r-word to be quite unintelligent. It makes you sound uneducated, and I'm sure that no one wants to be thought of this way.

Plus, in case you are wondering.....Gavin's Momma might just turn into a great big Momma bear if she hears you use this word around her as well!

Consider yourself warned! :)

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer." Psalm 19:14


Anonymous said...

Alicia, how do I turn off the music?
Marilyn Miller

Anonymous said...

Duh. I found the off button. :)

Cari Weymouth said...

What a great video. My best friend's brother is mentally retarded and is the biggest teddy bear who will do anything for anybody. It angers me when I hear people use the word. It's amazing the gift of love each person brings.

Love ( Founder YUP/ Enlive.Inn) said...

i feel mentally retarded the same offensive... although i dont know if its a medical term:)

accepting them is tough... and a challenge for ppl like me... its when u learn to know them personally u really understand and create a bond that makes u less fearful or worried.

Fear and displeasure is wat makes us keep away a certain thing...